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Miami, Florida

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   Miami 2006

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Miami, May 2008

We flew back to Miami on a commercial flight to take care of various personal odds and ends. The house needs cleaning and various touch-ups and we're catching up with friends and even getting in a little volleyball in between all of the good food and wine. We plan to get going again in the next few months.
Angie and Jesse
you will eat your vegetables!
Bobby, Daisey and Gregg
chilly on the back porch
In Trigg's garden...
Trigg and Gregg
Trigg and Gregg
Gregg and Pete
Gregg and Pete

what Gregg does for fun
what Gregg does for fun

Lydia, Gregg and Bennie
with Lydia and Bennie
at Mike and Michelle house
one cool pup