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Bob and Barb Moriarty have a great site on precious metals and related topics.

Andrew Czernek of Mooney Events posts get-togethers and trip reports for other Mooney pilots.

Margi and Gerard Moss have a neat program going where they sample water throughout Brazil: Brasil das Aguas (Waters of Brazil).

Earthrounders has a list of ongoing and completed circumnavigations by small aircraft.

Leo is cycling through Brazil and up into Central America, solo. He is a real neat, gentle guy, and you gotta like a guy that packs a guitar. His blog is in Portuguese.

Bob Gannon is flying around the world a lot faster than we are.

Hotel Amazônia is a clean, cheap little hotel in the heart of Belém.

Flores, the aeroclube in Manaus with a great little airstrip and really friendly folks.

A.J. did an amazing kayak trip on the Amazon, solo.

We like Ron Paul. I don't share all of his beliefs but am impressed by his record and desire to reduce federal government.

Grenada Chocolate Company makes the best dark chocolate. We talk about them here.

Steve Nix has some beautiful shots from the air of different locations in Nicaragua. His handle on is NicaNIX.

Cat Widgery makes some really intriguing sculptures. We talk about her here, on Page 5.

Carlos Salazar is the owner of Las Puertas in Flores, Guatemala. He is starting a nature reserve nearby called Laj Ketz. We talk about him here, on Page 5.

Sterling Freight Services provides shipping between the USA and Belize. We talk about them here, on Page 2.

Zeke's house is for rent in beautiful Caye Caulker. Some pics here.