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Guyana, June 2007

Georgetown building

Uneventful flight with some IFR after crossing Piarco VOR in Trinidad. Mostly great weather and about 3 hours 20 minutes to Georgetown. Good controllers, fine airport, and once again friendly smiling people at the airport. Taxi into town in a colectivo-type minibus taxi, passing mosques and donkey-drawn carts. Government buildings are beautiful old wooden structures with nice wbought iron work. Taxi dropped us off in a section of town that was packed with people.

Georgetown building

Found a dirt cheap hotel owned and run by Brazilians. Cold beer, large bed and friendly people, what more could you want. Outdoor market nearby was fun, and we ate from one end to the other.
donkeys on Georgetown street
Donkey gang, Georgetown street

Leaving the next morning we found cheap fuel and tasty food at the airport. Got permission to deviate to view Kaieteur Falls, beautiful, and got a few shots in the Guyana photo gallery. Also some shots of a couple of monkeys in the airplane. Bumpy flight once we got over Amazonia, but clear once we dropped down below 4,000 on the descent to Manaus.
Kaiteur Falls
Kaieteur Falls