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Alter do Châo, Brazil, October 2007

Finally got the overflight permit sorted out and got moving towards the coast. Uneventful beautiful flight to Santarem, where we took the bus to the depot and then another bus to the beach at Alter do Châo.

bus stop
Waiting for the bus to the beach

On the second bus, from the depot to the beach, I sat next to a shy but talkative Alcemir, who seemed much older than his 20 years. Alcemir is studying to be a Jesuit priest, which if I remember his words correctly is a grueling 9 year process. He started when he was 14. The students must score an 8 on every exam or they are kicked out of the school. When we met him, he was taking a few months off to relax with his parents before returning to the seminary school, and offered to have us stay overnight in his father's house.

On the porch with Alcemir

Alter do Châo is called "the Caribbean of the Amazon" and is really very beautiful. We didn't stay long enough to do much touring though, as we were excited to get moving towards the coast, first stop Belém.

Altar do Chao
View from the beach