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São Luis, Brazil, December 2007

scenic alley
view down an alley

Pretty city, capitol of the state of Maranhão. We stayed in the old part of town in Casa Grande, a large faded blue hotel that must have been beautiful 80 years ago. Our room on the 3rd floor had nearly floor-to-ceiling wooden doors that opened tot he street, with large metal hasps for locking up.

Rua Portugal was the street that had the most tile-faced buildings. Not all well kept but beautiful all the same.
Rua Portugal
Rua Portugal, tiled buildings at night

Eat your heart out, Charlie Crist. What would our governor give to have a governor's mansion like this?
Governor's residence
The Governor's residence

We went to the beach on a rainy day. I had wanted to swim but when we got there the temp was pretty cold so we just took a walk.

beach cafe

Robson was chatting us up on the street one night, and we went to a cafe with him another night. He is a local artist, musician and Capoeira dancer. We really like his art. Here's a pic of one:

magic eye
'magic eye' by Robson