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Manaus, Brazil, September 2007

Well we're back in Manaus and waiting on our friends at ANAC to renew the overflight permit so we can continue flying in Brazil. We had the good fortune to meet some really great people and are enjoying our mandatory stay.

We met Ricardo, an ultralight afficionado and Air Force pilot, at the Aeroclube. He has taken us flying several times (independently... only 2 seats in his ultralight). Gregg got some really nice shots when they overflew the river, and you can see them in the photo gallery.

Here is a link to a small video of Ricardo and Gregg taking off from the Aeroclube, in MPEG format (6.41MB)

Ricardo, doing what he loves

They have great performances here in Manaus, several small theatres where you can enjoy plays, dance, music. There is something going on nearly every night. Here is a dramatic shot from the performance of Prometheus at the Teatro da Instalação.


Dr. Luiz Mario and his wife Ruth took us out on their family outing to the beach, on their beautiful fiberglass boat. The beach is next to Praia Lua (Moon Beach) and the swimming is great.

Luiz-Mario and Ruth
Rebecca, Luiz Mario and Ruth

A fun crew of an Air Force C-130 were in our neighborhood in Manaus, briefly. We shared some beers and stories. Some more pics in the photo gallery. Sylvester and crew, where are you now?

C130 pilots
What is that strange drink in Gregg's hand?

Some words that might come in handy for your visit to the Manaus and the Amazon:
anzol - fishhook
parabens - congratulations, happy birthday
zarataboca - blow gun
bongo, canoa - canoe

Some fish you might want to try:
tucunaré - my favorite
pirapitinga - Gregg's favorite
pacu - bony, not much meat
aracu - skinny and oily, great bbqed, my second favorite

Natura is a brand of perfumes, lotions etc made with Amazonian plants. Two really neat scents are priprioca and pau rosa.