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Here is a Quicktime video showing a local fisherman explaining his fishing style to Gregg. You can't actually see the hand line, but you can see the fisherman's hand movements as he pulls it in. fishing in Belize video clip
click here to view the video

This is a large 11.2MB movie, so be patient while it loads. If you're on a dialup connection you might be waiting a few days, so skip this clip.
Gregg fishing with handline

  Zeke relaxing
Zeke relaxing on the rooftop

We kicked off the trip in late November 2006 and landed at a great spot thanks to Gregg's buddy Zeke and his lovely abode.  We have been focusing on the important things every day:  eating, fishing, swimming, sleeping, ... The airplane is about 200 steps from the house, and we can see the airstrip from the roof.

Gregg in front of Zeke's

view of airstrip
view of the local airstrip from Zeke's roof

We have found all kinds of weird and wonderful things, like the loading docks on the West side of the island, where you can see a sailboat delivering river sand (for plaster), or a boat getting ready to make a delivery, piled high with stuff.  Sometimes the fishermen bring their catches in here and you can buy fish, crab and lobster for great prices.

Having flown down Thanksgiving day, we didn't prepare the traditional gut-busting meal.  Don't worry, we've been making up for it since we got here!  Last night we hopped on the bikes to go fishing when Gregg spotted a fishing boat coming in.  He ended up buying stone crabs and lobster and we headed back for a fantastic dinner.

beach cruising
Getting ready to ride back after a swim

There are only a few gas-powered vehicles here in Caye Caulker.  A traffic jam is when the delivery guy - the one that delivers soda and beer using a tractor towing a trailer - stops on one side of the road to make a delivery, and a golf cart and a cyclist are both trying to pass on the other side of the road.boys on bikes
Boys riding bikes

In Belize they say conch is an aphrodesiac. Also a drink called something like "5-man strength".