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One Trip Ends, Another Begins

mercado del puerto

Rebecca September 23, 2010: I have to thank the hacker that took down the server at the old hosting company last week-end. Having to restore the web site forced me to fix some of the site errors when restoring the site. In the works is a PDF download of the entire site.

Gregg and Rebecca headed South from Miami, FL on Thanksgiving Day 2006, the start of a leisurely world journey. We had some great times and tripped through eleven countries in a few years.
Gregg passed to the other side in the early hours of October 10th, 2008. He is sorely missed.

This web site started out as a travel-log of sorts, of the adventures of Gregg, the Mooney, and myself. The site is is now a tribute to Gregg Gillingham, free spirit, beloved companion, world traveler, in the telling of his last earthly trip.

I hope these pages continue to provide memories of Gregg, entertainment, and possibly even some information, for our friends, families and fellow adventurers.

Other than this page, the text and photos posted on the site have not been edited since I originally wrote the pages. The programming language used to display the pages has been changed from ASP to PHP, and the HTML updated.

If you find typos or other errors, try not to take them too seriously. Or point them out to me using the contact form at left.

The Miami Herald published an excellent article written by Glenn Terry, a longtime friend of Gregg, which is available on their web site if you have a subscription.
Mr. Halloween: Irreverent, illegal, inspiring

Some pics from early October
We Remember Gregg Gillingham, a Facebook group created by John Kramel for sharing photos and stories about Gregg


  Thank you to the following people for their assistance and hospitality throughout the trip:
Paul Lethbridge,
West Sussex, England
We had the most phenomenal luck to meet Paul and his friend Keith in Montevideo. These two are great guys, and are married to a pair of sisters. It turned out Paul was not only a radio ham but a talented technician as well. He solved what turned out to be installation problems with the HF radio. Thank you Paul!
Pete LoBello,
Miami, FL, USA
Invaluable advice on the fuel servo and engine. Thanks Pete!Advanced Aircraft Center web site
Jose Monroy
Jose Monroy,
Coral Springs, FL, USA
For advice with the HF radio, and for the great long-range tank design. Also for making us laugh so much... you are a gem Jose! Monroy Aero web site
Al and Maggie
Al and Maggie
Miami, FL, USA
For all the running around, shopping, shipping, and advice. Thanks Al and Maggie!
Mike and Michelle,
Miami, FL, USA
For shopping around, sending us stuff, and all the great stories. Thanks M&M!
Gerard and Margi
Brasília, Brasil
For entertainment, lodging, and inspiration. Thanks guys!
Caye Caulker, Belize
For entertainment, lodging and our very own loaner cat. Thanks Zeke!